Tenant's FAQs

Do we take Section 8? Yes, some Landlords do.

How does a tenant report a repair?  You can go online to our website, you can email us directly, come into the office and fill out a repair request or call our office to report it.

Do we do periodic inspections? Yes, most owners require inspections to check on the property and make sure everything is okay for the tenants. Photos may be taken.

When do I get my security deposit back after I  move out? The Landlord has 14 business days per the AZ Landlord Tenant Act and will be processed accordingly.

Who is responsbile for repairs? Depends what is written in your lease agreement. If tenant caused the damage, they would be held  responsbile for the repair.

What do we look for after a tenant moves out at the inspection? The property needs to be returned in the same or better condition as when a tenant moved in.  All utilities must remain ON for the inspection.

How does a tenant pay rent? A Tenant can create an account on our website and pay online. Tenants can drop off a money order or cashiers check, mail or process a payment through their bank on line. No Cash or personal checks are accepted. This process can take 4-5 business days to clear our account when paying online.

As a new tenant, how do I set up my utilities? Please refer to the Utility Page on our website.

How does a tenant renew a lease? Tenants should call the office and speak to Jana to renew their lease agreement.

HOA Violations? Pull all weeds in the front yard, trim all bushes and trees, report any problems with the landscaping to the office, mow & trim grass, refer to CC&R's regarding winter grass;  make sure trash cans are put away, out of site on non-collection days; Christmas lights are fine during the season, must be taken down during the off season. Trampolines must be approved prior to putting up. No above ground pools. Windows must have HOA approved coverings. Be familiar with your CC&R's on the parking restrictions. Remove all oil stains/rust stains  from the driveway. Tenants will be held accountable for any HOA fines.

Can I tenant get a pet after they move in?  Yes, if approved by the Landlord and a deposit and/or fee is required.






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